Conveniently located in Kingsteignton just off the A380, AC Garage Services offers a wide selection of repair and maintenance options for your vehicle.  AC Garage Services has all the expertise of a large, dealership-owned garage, but also comes with higher quality service, better pricing, and a more expedient location – making it the clear choice for all your automotive needs.

AC Garage Services offers a full line-up of services including repairs, wheel alignment, brake replacement, new tyres, MOT preparation, and more!  Take a look at our services page to find out more – and be sure to check out some of our great offers.

The Benefits of a Local Garage:

Recent changes in warranty contracts resulting from block exemption regulations mean that car owners are no longer required to have their vehicles serviced exclusively at dealerships.  Instead, drivers can turn to local, reliable garages without worrying about voiding their warranties.  Some benefits of non-franchise garages include the following:

Price and Quality

Smal local garages are often able to save money in overhead costs and ordering parts when compared to larger companies (most of which over-order unnecessary parts and tools), resulting in lower costs to their customers. Also, as they rely primarily on ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing and generate new customers based on recommendations from previous clients, independent garages like AC Garage Services will almost always offer a higher level of service than dealerships will.


Unlike at a large, franchise-owned garage or dealership, clients at an independent garage, such as AC Garage Services, will be more than just a number in the records: the mechanics will be able to give your vehicle personalized care.  You’ll also be supporting a locally-owned business in your community.


Who wants to drive all the way to the dealership?  AC Garage Services and other local garages are simply more convenient, call us now on 01626 368673 or contact us through the site here.

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