If a service light or warning sign become illuminated on your dashboard try not to panic, here at AC garage we are able to examine your car with the necessary diagnostic tools.  It is always advisable to have your car examined by an experienced professional with the right equipment to identify the fault and make the necessary adjustments or repairs as soon as possible.

All modern cars come with very complex electronics and are usually all managed by the brain in the car – or ECU (Engine Control Unit).  Think of your car as being part car part computer.  With the use of a code reader our technicians will check your vehicles ECU’s memory log for any fault codes, (some of which may not have activated a warning light) and identify any faults or warning messages.

Our diagnostic tools give us a guide to the potential problem and then it is up to our experienced technicians to fix any faults found within your vehicle.  We always seek approval from the vehicle owner prior to undertaking any repairs or adjustments and include a quotation for works to be carried out for your approval.

So for any Car Diagnostic test for any warning lights and faults please call us now on 01626 368673 or contact us through the website here.

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