AC Garage Services offer a local solution to all your mechanical problems from MOTs, servicing, brake repairs and air conditioning, to more complex problems, on all make of cars and light commercial vehicles.

AC Garage Services is based in Kingsteignton, originally founded in 2010 as part of a larger Landscaping business, moved to the new enlarged premises on Broadway road. This move enabled us to increase the work area for the repair centre to cater for not only the fleet of vehicles and garden machinery owned by the Landscape business but for all other domestic and commercial customers. This happened after constant requests from private and commercial individuals to repair their vehicles and vans, therefore we decided to expand this service to the general public, at this time the garage was in fact called AC Autos.

The main reason being many people felt the same as we did, that although we had our own fully qualified mechanic we were still having to use main dealers for some repairs. We found out that the prices and estimates for work we required was not always in line with our own conclusions. Therefore with the increased space and fully equipped repair centre we now repair, service, maintain and MOT not only all our own light commercial vehicles and machinery but also for the general public and other commercial companies.

As the company had grown in size so did the number of our own vehicles which then requiried servicing, plus the increased demand from local people to repair, service, maintain and MOT private vehicles, we then expanded the workforce to four full time fully qualified mechanics.

Because this part of the business was an extension to the repair needs of the Landscape business it meant we can offer not only a high-quality repair and maintenance service but at a cost that is substantially lower than main dealers and what other garages can offer. Therefore in these times of economic pressure and high cost of living, should you require a low cost realistic quote for your service or repair needs please contact us.

In the summer of 2013 AC Autos acquired another local Garage business called New Era Garage. This allowed us to double in size and create a bigger and better garage serving our local customer base, at this stage we decided to change the name of the business to AC Garage Services, a local Kingsteignton Garage.

Over the coming 10 years we built up a very good reputation in the area through our skills and services, ranging from servicing, MOT’s & repairs.

In 2022 it was realised that AC Garage Services had grown substantially enough to warrant being a stand alone business, therefore it was decided the garage would be seperated away from the Landscapes business which would then allow it to further thrive and expand its service.

Fortunately it was two of the original owners of Landscape business that purchased the garage as a going concern from the larger business ,  keeping the trading name of AC Garage Services, but now owned by COVY Ltd

We use the latest diagnostic equipment that covers all major manufacturers allowing us to diagnose and repair engine management faults, air bag and abs systems.

Car Servicing
The most important and fundamental step towards looking after your car and extending its overall life and durability.

Good and timely services enhance the performance of the vehicle as well as make it  safe and efficient for the car owner to drive.

MOT Testing
The easiest way to get your vehicle tested, serviced or repaired. This testing station accepts all types of car, no matter what model it is. One of our benefits you would be entitled to after choosing us is that if your car fails its MOT the first time round, you will not be charged for a retest.

Our Services

R134a Air Conditioning regas from £45+vat

R1234yf Air Conditioning regas from £100+vat

Air Conditioning diagnostic investigation £60+vat

Class 4 MOT £50

Class 7 MOT by appointment

Diagnostic Assessment £80+vat

Tyres supplied and fitted

Battery and charging system testing/replacement

Loan car £10 per day

Minor servicing

Major servicing

Annual servicing as per manufacturers guidelines

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle servicing

Clutch and flywheel replacement

Timing belt replacement

Air conditioning system repairs

Welding repairs

Tunap valve and intake system cleaning

Collection and Delivery service

Anything for your cars needs!

Collection and Delivery are available, please enquire for more details.

Registered Company: COVY Ltd. Company Reg: 13334857. VAT No.: 429 1023 22
Registered Office: Broadway Road, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3PJ. Tel: 01626 36867

About Us

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