Car Servicing

Vehicle or car servicing is the most important and fundamental step towards looking after your car and extending its overall life and durability. Good and timely services enhance the performance of the vehicle as well as make it relatively safe and efficient for the car owner to drive. As a matter of fact, regular servicing on your car also means saving money as you insure your car against incidental or sudden breakdowns that can happen anytime on the road. These breakdowns can come down heavily on your pocket.

Every motor vehicle undergoes some maintenance procedure after a regular time interval or when the vehicle has covered specific distance milestones. The servicing schedule differs for every make and model of a car. These servicing days are stated by the vehicle manufacturer.

It is critical to get your vehicle serviced regularly as it not only impacts the performance of the vehicle to a great extent, but it also has a positive effect on the driving experience and safety aspect of the car.

We offer all these services at a very competitive rate, which is a fraction of what most of the other car dealers and service stations in the market will charge you. You can read more here.

MOT Testing

The easiest way to get your vehicle tested, serviced or repaired. This testing station accepts any type of car, no matter what model it is. And the best thing about choosing us is that if your car fails its MOT the first time round, you will not be charged for a retest.

Basic or Interim and Full Car Servicing

There are different types of car services that are provided by various garages and service centres.
A basic or interim car service is more like ensuring that the basic functionalities of the car are working fine and it would include almost all of the following concepts:

Changing the engine oil and oil filter
Checking the condition of the tyre, batteries, lights and wiper and replacing, if required; and
Checking and refilling various fluids in the car like the brake fluid, power steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid
Checking for any kind of suspension leaks and rectifying it
Ensuring that seat belts and windscreen wipers are working fine
A full car service includes:
A full car service is conducted when your car has covered as many as 10,000 miles or completed 12 months, whichever happens earlier. This is more like an annual maintenance procedure necessary for the upkeep and performance of your car.
Apart from the activities mentioned under the interim service pattern, a full car service would also include the following aspects:
Checking the oiling of the door, the hinges and the locks for any abnormality
Checking the coolant system for any leaks and repairing or replacing, if required
Conducting a check of the vehicle’s engine cooling fan
Checking the operation of throttle and its lubrication
Replacing air filters
Replacing the spark plugs, if required
Checking the condition of HT leads
Checking and replacing the distributor cap, if required
Checking for the wear and tear of the gearbox and engine mount
Conducting various tests regarding the car’s security
Inspecting the radiator and coolant pipes
Ensuring that all wheel bearings are noise-free
Checking the condition of the front and rear brakes by removing the wheels
Conducting a thorough final check

Car Servicing and MOT’s

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