Car Servicing

Vehicle or car servicing is the most important and fundamental step towards looking after your car and extending its overall life and durability. Good and timely services enhance the performance of the vehicle as well as make it relatively safe and efficient for the car owner to drive. As a matter of fact, regular servicing on your car also means saving money as you insure your car against incidental or sudden breakdowns that can happen anytime on the road. These breakdowns can come down heavily on your pocket.

Every motor vehicle undergoes some maintenance procedure after a regular time interval or when the vehicle has covered specific distance milestones. The servicing schedule differs for every make and model of a car. These servicing days are stated by the vehicle manufacturer.

It is critical to get your vehicle serviced regularly as it not only impacts the performance of the vehicle to a great extent, but it also has a positive effect on the driving experience and safety aspect of the car.

We offer all these services at a very competitive rate, which is a fraction of what most of the other car dealers and service stations in the market will charge you and as a Five Star rated Good Garage Scheme member we are the best in the area.

Basic or Interim and Full Car Servicing

We offer two different types of car servicing, an Interim Service and a Full Service, the difference between them being that a basic or interim car service is more like ensuring that the basic functionalities of the car are working fine where as a full service covers every aspect of your vehicle’s well being as listed below:

Check steering for pull / vibration / travel
Check brakes for pull / judder
Check exterior lights operation
Check seat belts (excluding any child seats if fitted and report)
Check wipers condition and operation
Check front washer operation, adjust washer jets if required and top up
Check rear washer and wiper for condition and operation
Check condition and tension of fan / aux. belt where visible
Check instrument panel for warning lights and report
Check / top up power steering reservoir (if applicable)
Check and report Wheel Alignment or Geometry
Check steering gaiters, joints and dust covers
Check propshaft, suspension joints and grease nipples where fitted
Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
Check inner and outer driveshaft gaiters
Check tyres size, condition, tread depth, and fitment including spare
Check clutch operation and top up fluid if applicable
Check shock absorbers and spring condition (where visible)
Check all road wheels for correct balance (including spare)
Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare)
Check condition of brake pads and shoes
Check condition of brake discs and drums
Check condition of wheel cylinders, calipers and adjusters
Check handbrake linkages
Check exhaust system
Check any items reported by customer
Replace engine oil and engine oil filter with treatments
Replace air filter
Replace pollen filter
Replace fuel filter
Check coolant level and top up if required
Check brake fluid level and top up if required
Check anti-freeze strength MIN -20
Check battery condition and grease terminals if accessible
Lubricate accessible door hinges
Lubricate bonnet catch
Check for timing belt replacement interval and report if due according to mileage or age
Check for Pollen Filter replacement interval and report if due according to mileage or age
Report if Spark Plugs are due to be changed according to mileage or age
Reset vehicle service light where applicable / subject to data and tooling availability
Road test

This full service also includes all Forte additives including fuel and motor flush as well as the Good Garage wallet, a feedback card and AC Garage Services complementary key ring.

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