It doesnt seem to be common knowledge yet about the death of the Car Tax Disc, but its happening later this year. and will cease to exist in paper form from October 1, with a new electronic system being put in its place.

The new rules announced by the Government last year mean that all motorists will now have to register their car online to pay the due Vehicle Excise Duty, this of course used to be know as road tax. If you choose not to register for the tax then you stand a high chance of being caught out by the numerous number plate recognition cameras which track each vehicle on the road.

We can see that these rules should save businesses significant sums in admin costs, of course with every benefit there is sting – if you dont know these new rules then you may face new fines.  Its seems that the rules will mainly effect those changing vehicles as the fact you used to benefit when you bought a car of any ‘spare’ months left on the tax disc, this will no longer apply as the vehicle tax will no longer be transferred with the car.  This now means that any buyers will have to renew their tax disc straight away, or risk being caught out on the road in an untaxed car.

You can find more details on the Government website here

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